Fight for Equal Protection


Stand Against Dehumanization

While we recognize the complexities of international law and migration policies, we cannot ignore the arbitrariness of this act. The fact that we are not Ukrainian citizens should not diminish our rights as human beings or our legitimate needs as victims of the same conflict. This decision, unless challenged, will set a precedent that undermines the very principles of humanity, fairness, and global solidarity.

We stand for our rights because we believe that this decision is fundamentally unjust. We are united by our shared experiences and cannot be divided by our diverse nationalities. The principle of equality should not stop at borders. We want to remind the world that our suffering is real and that our demands are valid.

We want to reclaim our voices, and stand up against a decision that we view as dehumanizing and discriminatory. We are not mere statistics in a political debate; we are individuals with dreams, families, and a rightful place in the Dutch community. Our demonstration is our plea for empathy, our call for action, our commitment to never give up on our pursuit of justice.



Protection Denied = Humanity Denied

Our Stories Matter. Compassion Over Nationality
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