Fight for Fair Treatment

The Fight for Fair Treatment

From War to Hope

Fleeing from the chaos and terror of war, we arrived in the Netherlands, a nation known for its commitment to human rights and compassion. Alongside Ukrainian citizens, we were granted temporary protection. It was an opportunity to catch our breath, to begin the long process of rebuilding lives shattered by conflict.

Our experiences are marked by loss, resilience, and the shared understanding of being victims of a war we didn’t choose. The journey has been difficult, but the community we’ve built and the solidarity we’ve found with one another have given us hope.

We are more than our nationality; we are people, our stories matter and our rights matter. We stand united in our diversity and fight against unfair treatment. Justice doesn’t discriminate, neither should protection.

Different Origins

Shared Struggles

Protection Denied = Humanity Denied

Our Stories Matter. Compassion Over Nationality
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