Temporary Protection Extended Pending Council of State’s Decision

The temporary protection for third-country nationals from Ukraine extended pending Council of State’s decision in November. On Friday, 2 September 2023, the Minister for Migration was legally pressured to extend temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive for third-country nationals who fled the Ukraine war, which was set to effect on 4 September 2023, until the Council of State issues its decision on appeal in November 2023.

Our legal demonstration against the decision to end the temporary protection gained a massive attention of the press, including human right organizations, lawyers, EU officials and politicians across the Netherlands and internationally. As a result of that, Eric van der Burg’s decision to end the temporary protection under the RTB was put under a closer intervention and review questioning his authority to end the protection under the EU law.

Reporter Teri Schultz, of DW, among several other journalists of major media houses in the Netherlands such as NOS.nl, NU.nl, AD.nl, EenVandaag.nl, Trouw.nl, VWN.tv, ND.nl and a lot more covered our stories and the protests we held in The Hague.

DW Europe posted or twitted on X {formerly Twitter} that, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the Netherlands granted protection to everyone fleeing war regardless of nationality, and now that protection policy is being argued in court.

More in-depth article about this tweet can be found here “Netherlands: The refugees from Ukraine who now are in limbo“.

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